Virginia Rape Victim Representation

While our Virginia attorneys specialize in criminal defense, we believe it is paramount for all victims to be adequately represented by an experienced attorney as well. If you are a victim of a rape, we may accept your rape victim case, or, if you feel more comfortable, we can also refer you to a trusted victim’s representation attorney or law firm.

You may be eligible for restitution and financial compensation by the rapist for your injuries and expenses accrued as a result of the rape and associated injuries.

College Campus / University Rape Victim Representation

Rape victims who report rapes on college campuses are frequently scrutinized by university administrators or viewed as suspects themselves. Or, Virginia Universities may botch the Sexual Assault investigation. The Federal Government is currently investigating 106 Universities, including 5 Virginia Universities, for mishandling rape and sexual assault reports and investigations.

Rape victims are encouraged to seek represented by an attorney who will advocate for their individualized interests, which is why we recommend for rape victims to hire counsel after the rape and when dealing with university administrators.

Rape Victim Defense Attorneys for Virginia Universities


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