This list of legal research resources has been independently compiled by MEDVIN LAW PLC to assist you with legal research for a Virginia criminal charge.

Virginia Legal Resource Links

Virginia Laws & Statutes

City / County Municipal Laws

Arlington County Code

Virginia General District Court Forms

Virginia Department of Corrections Information for Incarcerated Offenders

Virginia General District Court Information

Virginia General District Court Online Payment System

Virginia State Police Criminal Law Information

Virginia Model Court Order for Mental Health Evaluations and Defenses

Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards Commission

Constitution of Virginia

Virginia Administrative Code

Virginia Legislature

Virginia General Assembly

Virginia Newspaper List

Federal Legal Resource Links

United States Bill of Rights

United States Constitution

United States Courts

Supreme Court of the United States

OYEZ Supreme Court Opinions and Research

United States Chamber of Commerce

Library of Congress

U.S. House of Representatives

U.S. Senate

White House

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)



General Legal Research Links

The Public Library of Law – Free Law Library

Google Scholar Legal Research

Global Legal Information Network (GLIN)

ABA Journal

Public Legal

LexisOne Free Legal research

Justia Legal Research News

The Smoking Gun Criminal Arrest News

Law and Technology Resources

FindLaw Legal Information

Thomson – West Legal Publisher

Westlaw Legal Research

LexisNexis Legal Research

FastCase Legal Research

General Research Links

Wikipedia – The Free Online Encyclopedia

iTools Research Tools

Free Dictionary and Thesaurus

Google News & Research

Yahoo News & Research

MSN News & Research

Washington Post

Washington Examiner

the Washington Times

New York Times

USA Today

U.S. News

Wall Street Journal


Drudge Report

Newspapers Online

Time Magazine



Fox News

CNN News

CBS News

ABC News



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