Virginia Marijuana & Drug Charges, Defenses, Penalties: Possession of Marijuana, Possession with Intent to Distribute, Felony & Misdemeanor Drug Charges, and Drug Laws FAQ

Possession of Marijuana Penalties: Possession of Marijuana is illegal under Virginia law. VA Law § 18.2-250.1 penalizes possession of marijuana as a misdemeanor criminal offense. First offense possession of marijuana is punished by up to 30 days in jail, a $500 fine, 6 months loss of driver’s license, and a mandatory drug program. Second offense possession […]

Felony Drug Possession Charge with Intent to Distribute to be DISMISSED in Fairfax Virginia

Fairfax County, Virginia: Felony Drug Charge – Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute, VA Code 18.2-248.1, was REDUCED to misdemeanor simple possession, first offense under VA Code 18.2-250.1, and will be DISMISSED as per a 251 Disposition, Va Code 18.2-251, in 6 months. Read more about Virginia Drug & Marijuana Law here: Virginia Marijuana […]

Felony Firearm Possession DROPPED, Felony Marijuana Possession w/ Intent to Distribute REDUCED to Misdemeanor

Class 6 Felony Possession of weapons / firearms while in possession of Drugs, VA Code 18.2-308.4, with a mandatory 5 year prison sentence upon conviction, was DROPPED. Class 5 Felony sale, gift, distribution or possession with intent to sell, give or distribute marijuana, VA Code 18.2-248.1 was REDUCED to Misdemeanor possession of marijuana, VA Code […]

Felony Conspiracy to Distribute Marijuana + Reckless Driving 96 MPH Charges DROPPED & REDUCED

NORTHERN VIRGINIA: Result: Felony conspiracy was DROPPED, Misdemeanor reckless driving was DROPPED, and Felony selling/distribution was REDUCED to a Misdemeanor possession charge with NO ACTIVE JAIL TIME! Client was facing 21 years in prison with 2 years at minimum as he was charged. 1) Class 5 Felony selling, distributing, possession with intent to distribute, over […]