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Felony Malicious Wounding Charge REDUCED to Misdemeanor Assault and Battery in Alexandria Virginia

City of Alexandria, Virginia: Felony Malicious Wounding (VA Code 18.2-51) due to a deep bite during a fight was REDUCED to a Misdemeanor Assault & Battery charge (VA Code 18.2-57). This was a third assault offense on the client’s record, yet client walked away with only two active weeks of jail time to be served […]

Charge DROPPED: Misdemeanor Assault and Battery in Arlington Virginia

Arlington County, Virginia: Misdemeanor Assault and Battery Charge (VA Code 18.2-57) was DROPPED. Read more about Assault and Battery Law here: Virginia Assault and Battery Laws and Penalties – Defense Attorney’s Explanation of Misdemeanor Charges Under VA Code 18.2-57