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Possession of Marijuana Law and Procedure for Arlington, Virginia

Possession of Marijuana Law and Procedure for Arlington, Virginia The prosecution of simple cases of possession of marijuana in Arlington is different than the prosecution of these cases in other Virginia jurisdictions. The newly elected Arlington prosecutor declared that her team is expected to non-prosecute charges of marijuana possession in General District Court and Circuit Court of […]

Drunk Driving: DUI and DWI Laws and Penalties in Alexandria Virginia

Alexandria Virginia DWI & DUI Laws and Penalties: Law 18.2-266 What are the DUI and DWI laws in Alexandria, Virginia? Alexandria’s DUI and DWI laws are outlined in VA Law 18.2-266, encompassing behaviors known as DUI, DWI, and DUID as a class 1 misdemeanor drunk driving offense. Alexandria punishes DUI and DWI convictions by up to 1 year […]

Alexandria DWI with BAC .15 REDUCED & Resulted in NO JAIL TIME

ALEXANDRIA, VA DWI DEFENSE ATTORNEY CASE RESULT: DWI First Offense in Alexandria, Virginia, with a Blood Alcohol Level of .15 (a BAC level that requires mandatory incarceration), resulted in a REDUCTION of the charge to a regular DUI without any reference to a BAC level, and minimum penalties under the law for the amended charge. […]