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Drunk Driving: DUI and DWI Laws and Penalties in Alexandria Virginia

Alexandria Virginia DWI & DUI Laws and Penalties: Law 18.2-266 What are the DUI and DWI laws in Alexandria, Virginia? Alexandria’s DUI and DWI laws are outlined in VA Law 18.2-266, encompassing behaviors known as DUI, DWI, and DUID as a class 1 misdemeanor drunk driving offense. Alexandria punishes DUI and DWI convictions by up to 1 year […]

Alexandria DWI with BAC .15 REDUCED & Resulted in NO JAIL TIME

ALEXANDRIA, VA DWI DEFENSE ATTORNEY CASE RESULT: DWI First Offense in Alexandria, Virginia, with a Blood Alcohol Level of .15 (a BAC level that requires mandatory incarceration), resulted in a REDUCTION of the charge to a regular DUI without any reference to a BAC level, and minimum penalties under the law for the amended charge. […]