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DISMISSAL Disposition in Trial for Disorderly Conduct in Arlington Virginia

ARLINGTON VIRGINIA ATTORNEY RESULT: Trial for a Disorderly Conduct misdemeanor charge, VA Law 18.2-415, resulted in a dismissal disposition to take place after 12 months of good behavior and completion of 40 hours of community service. Arlington County General District Court at 1425 Courthouse Road, Arlington Virginia Read more about Disorderly Conduct Law here: Virginia […]

Trial for Driving on Suspended License after DUI in Fairfax VA Results in REDUCTION of Charge

FAIRFAX VIRGINIA CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY CASE RESULT: Trial for Class 1 Misdemeanor Driving on a Suspended License after DUI Revocation in Fairfax County (VA Code 18.2-272) resulted in a REDUCTION of the charge to a Class 2 offense under Va Code 46.2-300, with just a $100 fine. Fairfax County General District Court at 4110 Chain […]