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Drunk in Public Trial in Alexandria Virginia Results in DISMISSAL of Charge

Alexandria, Virginia: Drunk in Public misdemeanor charge, (Va Law 18.2-388, City of Alexandria Code 13-1-5) was DISMISSED by the judge at the onset of the trial, after a defense Motion to Suppress. Read more about Drunk in Public Law here: VIRGINIA DRUNK IN PUBLIC LAW | A criminal defense lawyer’s explanation of drunk in public […]

Trial for Driving on Suspended License after DUI in Fairfax VA Results in REDUCTION of Charge

FAIRFAX VIRGINIA CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY CASE RESULT: Trial for Class 1 Misdemeanor Driving on a Suspended License after DUI Revocation in Fairfax County (VA Code 18.2-272) resulted in a REDUCTION of the charge to a Class 2 offense under Va Code 46.2-300, with just a $100 fine. Fairfax County General District Court at 4110 Chain […]