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Arlington VA Felony Grand Larceny Shoplifting Charge REDUCED to Trespass

ARLINGTON VIRGINIA ATTORNEY CASE RESULT: Felony Grand Larceny (VA Code 18.2-95, 18.2-103) charge for shoplifting at Macy’s in Arlington was REDUCED to a Trespass charge with 10 days of jail, to serve at client’s convenience, sentence to begin two months after the hearing to accommodate class schedule. Arlington County General District Court at 1425 N […]

Grand Larceny Conspiracy Charge in Fairfax DROPPED at Preliminary Hearing for Lack of Evidence

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA: A felony Grand Larceny charge for conspiracy / being an accomplice / accessory for a shoplifting incident at BestBuy (see VA Code 18.2-95 and the others listed below) was DROPPED at the first appearance at the Preliminary Hearing for lack of evidence. Read more about Larceny & Shoplifting Law here: Virginia Grand Larceny, […]