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Fairfax Virginia DWI Charge 18.2-266 DROPPED For Insufficient Evidence

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA DWI ATTORNEY CASE RESULT: DWI arrest in Fairfax, Virginia, charged under Va Code 18.2-266, was DROPPED (not prosecuted) for insufficient evidence. Client pled No Contest to a related non-criminal Refusal citation. Read more about Fairfax criminal defense attorney Marina Medvin, who represented this client and achieved this result. Read more about Fairfax DUI […]

2nd DUI in 5 Years in Fairfax Virginia, Refusal, Driving on Suspended License

FAIRFAX VIRGINIA DUI ATTORNEY RESULT: Client was facing 3 criminal charges: Misdemeanor DUI Second Offense (VA Code 18.2-266), Misdemeanor Refusal to Submit to a Breath / Blood test, and Misdemeanor Driving on Revoked License Pursuant to DUI conviction. The evidence in this case overwhelmingly favored the government, as the client was recorded by the police […]

DWI in Arlington Virginia BAC .15 and Refusal Charges DISMISSED / REDUCED w/ NO JAIL

Arlington, Virginia: Misdemeanor DUI (VA Code 18.2-266) with a BAC of .15 (mandatory minimum jail sentence level) and a Misdemeanor Refusal (VA Code 18.2-268.3) charge resulted in a plea of guilty to the DUI with NO ACTIVE JAIL TIME (90 days in jail sentenced but all were suspended) $300 active fine, ASAP, and license suspension […]