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Fairfax Reckless Driving 90 MPH w/ Prior Record Results in Only a Fine

FAIRFAX VIRGINIA RECKLESS DRIVING ATTORNEY RESULT: Criminal Reckless Driving at 90 MPH in a 55 zone, for a client who had multiple prior high-speed convictions, resulted in no jail time and no license suspension – punished only by a fine. Fairfax County General District Court at 4110 Chain Bridge Road, Fairfax, Virginia. Va Code 46.2-862 […]

Alexandria VA Reckless Driving Misdemeanor 25MPH Over, Second Offense, REDUCED to an Infraction

ALEXANDRIA VIRGINIA CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY RESULT: Contentious hearing for a Class 1 Misdemeanor Reckless Driving offense for Speeding 25 MPH over the speed limit (VA Code 46.2-862) resulted in the Defense prevailing over the Government and the Judge REDUCING the criminal Misdemeanor offense to a non-criminal Improper Driving violation (and half the points) with just […]

82/55 Reckless Driving Second Offense REDUCED to an Infraction with a Fine in Arlington Virginia

ARLINGTON VIRGINIA ATTORNEY CASE RESULT: Class 1 Misdemeanor Reckless Driving by Speeding 82/55 (VA Code 46.2-862), a second reckless speed offense and following a DUI conviction, was REDUCED to a Speeding Ticket at a REDUCED SPEED of 74/55. No new criminal convictions for the client, no new license suspensions, and no jail time. Arlington County […]