Alexandria Virginia Probation Violation Results in NO JAIL

ALEXANDRIA VIRGINIA ATTORNEY CASE RESULT: Probation Violation (VA Code 19.2-306) for violating the terms of probation by accruing a new misdemeanor conviction in violation of uniform good behavior requirement, resulted in no jail time imposed, and instead the client’s probation period was extended. The defense prevailed over the prosecutor, who argued for 15 days of […]

DUI ASAP Probation Violation in Fairfax Virginia Results in No Jail Time

FAIRFAX VIRGINIA ATTORNEY RESULT: DUI Probation violation charge for violating probation through acquiring a new alcohol-related conviction (VA Code 19.2-306, 18.2-271.1), and through violating ASAP rules by consuming alcohol, resulted in NO JAIL TIME, a rare occurrence for these types of violations. The client was facing 30 days in jail on this violation, which is […]

Probation Violation for Felony Embezzlement DISMISSED

VIRGINIA CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY CASE RESULT: Probation Violation Charges for Felony Embezzlement and Larceny convictions were DISMISSED. Read more about Embezzlement Law:Embezzlement in Virginia: Felony & Misdemeanor Charges, Penalties & Defenses.