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Arlington VA Petit Larceny Charge Reduced, Amended, and DISMISSED

ARLINGTON VIRGINIA CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY CASE RESULT: Petit Larceny charge for shoplifting (VA Code 18.2-96) was reduced and amended to “Unlawful Entry,” which was then DISMISSED. Arlington County General District Court at 1425 N Courthouse Rd, Arlington, VA 22201. Read more about Larceny & Shoplifting Law here: Virginia Grand Larceny, Petit Larceny, Shoplifting, Concealment Laws […]

Fairfax VA Felony Grand Larceny REDUCED to Misdemeanor w/ No Jail & Possession of Burglarious Tools DROPPED

FAIRFAX VIRGINIA ATTORNEY CASE RESULT:Va Code 18.2-95 Felony Grand Larceny charge for shoplifting at Macy’s in Fairfax Virginia was AMENDED and REDUCED to a Misdemeanor Larceny charge. The penalty is 6 months of probation. Related Va Code 18.2-94 Felony Possession of Burglarious Tools charge was DROPPED at the Preliminary Hearing. Fairfax County General District Court, […]