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Second Offense Possession of Marijuana Charge in Alexandria Virginia DROPPED at First Hearing

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA: Second Offense, Class 1 Misdemeanor – Possession of Marijuana (VA Code 18.2-250.1) was DROPPED at the first court appearance due to the defense position that the government will not be legally able to introduce drug evidence against the client at trial. Read more about Virginia Drug & Marijuana Law here: Virginia Marijuana & […]

Second Possession of Marijuana Charge REDUCED / AMENDED to Paraphernalia in Alexandria VA

ALEXANDRIA VIRGINIA ATTORNEY RESULT: Second Offense Possession of Marijuana misdemeanor charge (VA Code 18.2-250.1) was AMENDED to VA Code 54.1-3466, Possession of Paraphernalia, with a $100 fine. No jail time, no license suspension, no probation, no drug testing, no loss of license, and no community service. City of Alexandria General District Court at 520 King […]

Possession of Marijuana DROPPED & Concealed Weapon Charge Results in NO JAIL Time in Fairfax VA

ATTORNEY CASE RESULT IN FAIRFAX COUNTY, VIRGINIA: Client was charged with Class 1 Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana Second+ Offense (VA Code 18.2-250.1) and Class 1 Misdemeanor Carrying a Concealed Weapon – Brass Knuckles (VA Code 18.2-308 – “metal knucks”). The Possession charge was DROPPED, which means the client did not have to suffer through a […]