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DWI First Offense in Alexandria VA REDUCED to Reckless Driving, NO JAIL TIME

ALEXANDRIA VA DWI LAWYER CASE RESULT: First Offense DWI arrest under Va Code 18.2-266 resulted in a REDUCTION and AMENDMENT of the charge to Reckless Driving with NO JAIL TIME, just 6 months of license suspension, a small fine and ASAP classes. Related charges were DROPPED. City of Alexandria General District Court at 520 King […]

Alexandria DUI Collision & BAC .18 Charge REDUCED, No Jail Time

ALEXANDRIA DUI LAWYER CASE RESULT: Alexandria Charge under VA Code 18.2-266 for a DWI, BAC of .18, after a vehicle collision: the law requires a mandatory minimum jail time of 5 days if convicted as charged, a maximum penalty of 1 year in jail. Result: REDUCED to regular first offense DUI. NO JAIL TIME, just […]

Alexandria Virginia First Offense DUI REDUCED to Reckless Driving

ALEXANDRIA VIRGINIA DUI ATTORNEY RESULT: A First Offense DUI charge under Va Code 18.2-266 REDUCED to Reckless Driving, with only 6 months of a suspended driver’s license, ASAP classes, a $200 fine, and 24 hours at the detention center.

2nd DUI in Alexandria Within 2 Months of 1st DWI in Fairfax Results in Minimum Jail Time

ATTORNEY RESULT, ALEXANDRIA VIRGINIA: A second DUI Offense under VA Code 18.2-266, accompanied by four related misdemeanor and traffic infractions for Driving on Suspended License (VA Code 18.2-272) and the like, taking place within 2 months of the first DUI conviction in Fairfax Virginia, resulted in: only 20 days to serve – the bare minimum […]