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Embezzlement in Virginia: Felony & Misdemeanor Charges, Penalties & Defenses

What is the crime of embezzlement under Virginia Law? Embezzlement under Virginia law is simply defined as a wrongful taking of money or valuable property, that took place while the offender was entrusted with someone else’s property. This improper taking does not need to benefit the accused, it can benefit some other person. An employee-employer […]

White Collar Felony Embezzlement w/ NO JAIL, Reduced from Over 100 Possible Charges

FAIRFAX VIRGINIA WHITE COLLAR DEFENSE ATTORNEY’S RESULT: Over 100 possible white collar felonies and check fraud felony charges were negotiated prior to the warrant process into a single count of a Felony Embezzlement (Va. Code 18.2-111). Restitution was negotiated at a fraction of the full amount taken with a contract to prevent civil lawsuit on […]