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Alexandria DUI 18.2-266, BAC .24 REDUCED to Reckless Driving – NO JAIL TIME

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA:DUI charge in the City of Alexandria under Va Code 18.2-266 after a 4-vehicle collision and a BAC of .24, a class 1 misdemeanor offense punishable by up to 1 year in jail and which would normally require 10 days of mandatory minimum jail time, resulted in an AMENDMENT and REDUCTION of the charge […]

Trial for DWI in Alexandria Virginia Results in No Jail Penalties

ALEXANDRIA VIRGINIA ATTORNEY RESULT: Misdemeanor DWI trial for a First Offense DWI with a BAC of .14 (VA Code 18.2-266) resulted in minimum first offender penalties and no active jail time after the judge ruled that it was “a close case.”

Car Accident DWI / DUI in Fairfax Virginia BAC .22 REDUCED

FAIRFAX VIRGINIA ATTORNEY CASE RESULT: DUI / DWI arrest under VA Code 18.2-266 after a 3 vehicle accident with an elevated BAC level of .22, which required 10 days of mandatory minimum jail time and additional jail penalties for causing a 3-car collision while under the influence, was REDUCED to a DUI at a reduced […]

Alexandria Virginia DUI / DWI with BAC .17 REDUCED with NO JAIL Penalties after Appeal

ALEXANDRIA VIRGINIA DUI ATTORNEY CASE RESULT: DUI /DWI under VA Code 18.2-266 with an elevated BAC level of .17, which required 5 days of mandatory minimum jail time, was REDUCED on appeal (after a guilty finding and a sentence of 5 days in jail in General District Court). The appealed case resulted in a reduction […]