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DUI & DWI on GW Parkway in Alexandria Virginia Results in NO JAIL Time

UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF VIRGINIA IN ALEXANDRIA: Attorney Medvin’s client was arrested for a federal DUI charge on the GW Parkway in Alexandria Virginia and Refusal to Submit to Chemical Testing, in addition to related traffic infractions. The case resulted without any jail sentence and with a restricted license for […]

DUI Appeal in Fairfax Virginia – 30 Day Active Jail Sentence REVOKED after Appeal

FAIRFAX VIRGINIA: Marina was retained to appeal a DWI conviction in General District Court. The 30 day active jail sentence imposed in General District Court for violating conditions of a DUI plea agreement and ASAP requirements has been REVOKED after Marina’s appeal of that sentence in Circuit Court. The client walked out of the courthouse […]

2nd DUI in 5 Years in Fairfax Virginia, Refusal, Driving on Suspended License

FAIRFAX VIRGINIA DUI ATTORNEY RESULT: Client was facing 3 criminal charges: Misdemeanor DUI Second Offense (VA Code 18.2-266), Misdemeanor Refusal to Submit to a Breath / Blood test, and Misdemeanor Driving on Revoked License Pursuant to DUI conviction. The evidence in this case overwhelmingly favored the government, as the client was recorded by the police […]