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Alexandria DWI with BAC .15 REDUCED & Resulted in NO JAIL TIME

ALEXANDRIA, VA DWI DEFENSE ATTORNEY CASE RESULT: DWI First Offense in Alexandria, Virginia, with a Blood Alcohol Level of .15 (a BAC level that requires mandatory incarceration), resulted in a REDUCTION of the charge to a regular DUI without any reference to a BAC level, and minimum penalties under the law for the amended charge. […]

DUI in Fairfax Virginia with Blood Test BAC .14 Charges DROPPED

FAIRFAX VIRGINIA ATTORNEY RESULT: Charge DROPPED for first DUI arrest under VA Code 18.2-266 after a car accident and blood test of .14 BAC.

2nd DUI Arrest in Alexandria VA, BAC .19, Within Months of 1st DWI Arrest in Prince William RESULTS in 5 days in Jail

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA: Second DUI arrest under VA Code 18.2-266, with an elevated BAC level of .19, and taking place 7 months after a prior DWI arrest in Prince William County, resulted in a DUI 1st conviction with only 5 days to serve, with the other standard DUI penalties. A related Driving on a Suspended License […]

Federal DWI 2nd Probation Violation Results in NO JAIL Time in Alexandria VA

UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF VIRGINIA IN ALEXANDRIA: After being convicted of a DUI/DWI offense, client violated his probation with a new alcohol offense conviction for the second time in one year. He received two weeks in a rehabilitation facility, but no jail time and no other amendments to his probation. […]

DUI / DWI in Alexandria Virginia BAC .16 Sentenced to Minimum

Alexandria, Virginia: Client was charged with class 1 misdemeanor DWI / DUI Drunk Driving (VA Code 18.2-266). The elevated BAC of .16 carried a mandatory minimum jail sentence of 5 days. (Under Virginia Law, all DUI charges with a BAC above .15 have a mandatory minimum jail sentence of 5 days.) Client was permitted to […]