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NOT GUILTY in Alexandria Virginia DUI Trial, NOT GUILTY of Reckless Driving

ALEXANDRIA VIRGINIA DUI DEFENSE ATTORNEY RESULT: Trial for DUI charge under Va Code 18.2-266 and related Reckless Driving Charge, with a variety of defense motions, resulted in a Not Guilty win for the defense on all charges when the defense won the first motion to suppress based on an unconstitutional stop of the client’s vehicle.

Alexandria DUI with BAC .23 REDUCED to Reckless Driving with NO JAIL TIME

ALEXANDRIA VIRGINIA ATTORNEY RESULT: DWI / DUI arrest after a vehicle collision with a blood test BAC of .23 (VA Code 18.2-266), requiring a mandatory minimum jail sentence of 10 days as charged, was AMENDED AND REDUCED to Reckless Driving with NO JAIL TIME, only completion of ASAP classes, a $200 fine, and a restricted […]

DUI in Arlington Virginia w/ BAC .16 REDUCED and Sentenced to 2 Days in Jail

ARLINGTON VIRGINIA CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY RESULT: First Offense DUI Drunk Driving charge (VA Code 18.2-266) with a BAC level of .16 – which carries a mandatory minimum penalty of 5 days in jail – was REDUCED to a regular DUI offense and sentenced to two and a half days to serve, amongst the other first […]

Federal DUI in Alexandria Virginia, 2nd Offense, Probation Violation Results in only 5 Hours of Jail Time

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA: A probation violation for a DUI 2nd Offense in the Federal United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, for a client with 3 prior alcohol-related convictions on his record, resulted in only 5 and a half hours of incarceration and a modification of the terms of probation to include abstinence […]