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Arlington Virginia Reckless Driving 95/55 while DUI Results in DISMISSED Charges and 4 Days in Jail

ARLINGTON VIRGINIA DWI ATTORNEY RESULT: A first DUI (18.2-266) offense while Reckless Driving 95/55 (46.2-862), second offense, resulted in a DISMISSAL of the Reckless Driving charge (which generally carries a day in jail for every mile over 90), a DISMISSAL of the Refusal to Submit to Breath Test charge (18.2-268.3), and 4 days to serve […]

Arlington Virginia DWI, BAC .29, Results in No Jail Time, Related Misdemeanor DROPPED

ARLINGTON DWI ATTORNEY RESULT: A Virginia first DUI offense with a BAC of .29 on the PBT on the was given standard first offender penalties and no active jail time. Related misdemeanor Driving on Suspended License – Third Offense, and traffic infraction charges were DROPPED.

DUI Drunk Driving Charge in Arlington Virginia BAC .16 REDUCED and Sentenced to 2 Days in Jail

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA: DUI Drunk Driving charge (VA Code 18.2-266) with a BAC of .16 was reduced to DUI with BAC of .14 or less, with just 2 and 1/2 days to serve and the standard first offender treatment. Read more about DUI Law: Virginia DUI Laws, Penalties and Defenses Explained by DWI Attorney for Alexandria, Fairfax, […]