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Felony Possession of Cocaine in Fairfax VA REDUCED to Ticket Offense

FAIRFAX, VA CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY CASE RESULT:Felony charge for Possession of Cocaine in Fairfax, Virginia, a Schedule II drug with a Class 5 felony penalty of 10 years in prison under VA Law 18.2-250, was REDUCED to a non-jailable ticket offense for Possession of a Schedule V – which is a class 3 misdemeanor with […]

Virginia Felony Grand Larceny Second Offense in Fairfax REDUCED to Misdemeanor, No Jail Time

CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY IN FAIRFAX VA CASE RESULT: Second Offense Felony Grand Larceny charge (VA Code 18.2-95) for shoplifting was REDUCED to a Misdemeanor. No jail ordered, no fine, no penalties. Related First Offense Grand Larceny for the same conduct of shoplifting / concealing merchandise charge resulted in DROPPED charges. Fairfax County General District Court: […]

Second Offense Possession of Marijuana Charge DISMISSED in Alexandria VA

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA: Second Offense Possession of Marijuana Class 1 Misdemeanor charge (VA Code 18.2-250.1) was DISMISSED as per agreement, after completion of 50 hours of community service. Client was thus able to keep his driver’s license, did not have to go to jail, and did not have to take drug classes. Read more about Virginia […]