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Virginia Assault Charge DROPPED for Insufficient Evidence

ALEXANDRIA VIRGINIA ATTORNEY CASE RESULT: Misdemeanor Assault and Battery charge under VA Code 18.2-57.2 for assault on family or household member was DROPPED for insufficient evidence at the first hearing. City of Alexandria Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court, 520 King Street, Alexandria, Virginia. Read more about Assault and Battery Law here: Virginia Assault and […]

Fairfax Virginia Misdemeanor Assault on a Family or Household Member to be DISMISSED on Appeal to Circuit Court

FAIRFAX COUNTY, VIRGINIA: Class 1 Misdemeanor Assault and Battery on a Family or Household Member (VA Code 18.2-57.1) conviction in General District Court was appealed to Circuit Court and will be DISMISSED pursuant to an agreement with the prosecutor. Read more about Domestic Assault here: Virginia Domestic Assault Laws & Penalties: Defense Attorney’s Explanation of […]