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Virginia Arson and Malicious Burning Laws, Penalties & Defenses

ARSON / MALICIOUS BURNING LAW IN VIRGINIA Malicious Burning is the charge for criminal arson under Virginia law. Malicious burning of an occupied dwelling is a Felony offense punishable by a maximum sentence of life in prison if convicted. We strongly recommend that you contact us immediately if charged with any Malicious Burning offense in […]

Felony Arson / Malicious Burning Charge DROPPED in Fairfax Virginia

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA: Felony Arson / Malicious Burning charge (VA Code 18.2-77), with the client facing up to life in prison for setting fire to an an occupied apartment building, was DROPPED with payment of restitution. VA Code § 18.2-77. Burning or destroying dwelling house, etc. A. If any person maliciously (i) burns, or by use […]

All Charges Dismissed in Commonwealth v. Court – Facing a Life Sentence for Arson | Fairfax Virginia

MEDVIN LAW PRESS RELEASE February 25, 2011 Facing a life sentence – All Charges Dismissed in Commonwealth v. Court FAIRFAX, VA: On February 2, 2011, The Honorable Donald P. McDonough, the Chief Judge of the Fairfax County General District Court, presided over the Preliminary Hearing of the government’s evidence against Kevin Court. Mr. Court was […]