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DUI Probation Violation in Arlington VA Results in 5 Days in Jail

ARLINGTON VA ATTORNEY CASE RESULT: Misdemeanor Probation Violation charge under VA Code 19.2-306, for violating the terms of DUI First Offense probation – specifically, for showing up to serve the DUI jail sentence while intoxicated with a BAC of .29, resulted in just 5 additional days to serve and extended period of unsupervised probation. Arlington […]

Arlington VA Carrying Concealed Weapon While Intoxicated and Drunk in Public Both Charges DROPPED For Insufficient Evidence

CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY CASE RESULT IN ARLINGTON VIRGINIA: Class 1 Misdemeanor charge for Carrying a Concealed Weapon While Intoxicated under VA Code 18.2-308, and a related Drunk in Public Charge (Va Law 18.2-388, Arlington Code 17-7) were both DROPPED for insufficient evidence. Arlington General District Court, 1425 N Courthouse, Arlington, VA 22201 Read more about […]