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Virginia Hit and Run Laws, Penalties and Defenses for Charges in Alexandria, Fairfax, Arlington

Hit and Run in Virginia: Leaving the Scene of an Accident What are hit and run laws in Virginia? Under Virginia law, a Hit and Run is defined as a criminal offense, and it is charged when you leave the scene of an accident / collision without providing your insurance information to the other driver. […]

Felony Hit and Run in Arlington Virginia while DUI, 2nd Offense, RESULT in 30 days in Jail

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA: Felony Hit and Run charges under VA law 46.2-894 for an accident in Arlington, VA, while also driving drunk for the second time in 5 years under Va Law 18.2-266, resulted in prosecution on both charges after two witnesses came forward. Client was facing a maximum of 11 years in prison on both charges, a […]