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Drunk in Public Misdemeanor Offense DISMISSED in Arlington Virginia

ARLINGTON COUNTY, VIRGINIA: Class 4 Misdemeanor Drunk in Public Charge (VA Code 18.2-388) was DISMISSED at the first court appearance. Read more about Drunk in Public Law here: VIRGINIA DRUNK IN PUBLIC LAW | A criminal defense lawyer’s explanation of drunk in public charges and arrest requirements

Felony Hit and Run in Arlington Virginia while DUI, 2nd Offense, RESULT in 30 days in Jail

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA: Felony Hit and Run charges under VA law 46.2-894 for an accident in Arlington, VA, while also driving drunk for the second time in 5 years under Va Law 18.2-266, resulted in prosecution on both charges after two witnesses came forward. Client was facing a maximum of 11 years in prison on both charges, a […]

DWI in Arlington Virginia BAC .15 and Refusal Charges DISMISSED / REDUCED w/ NO JAIL

Arlington, Virginia: Misdemeanor DUI (VA Code 18.2-266) with a BAC of .15 (mandatory minimum jail sentence level) and a Misdemeanor Refusal (VA Code 18.2-268.3) charge resulted in a plea of guilty to the DUI with NO ACTIVE JAIL TIME (90 days in jail sentenced but all were suspended) $300 active fine, ASAP, and license suspension […]