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Alexandria Virginia DUI and Hit and Run Investigation Results in 1 Charge, No Jail Time

ALEXANDRIA VIRGINIA DUI ATTORNEY RESULT: A DUI and Hit and Run investigation resulted in no charges filed for the Hit and Run, and no jail time issued on the DUI charge (which was punished only via standard minimum first offense penalties). City of Alexandria General District Court at 520 King Street, Alexandria Virginia 22314. Read […]

Attorney Representation During Fairfax Police Investigation of Felony Hit and Run Results in NO CHARGES FILED

FAIRFAX VIRGINIA CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY RESULT: Attorney representation during a Fairfax Police investigation of Felony Hit and Run charges resulted in NO CHARGES FILED due to attorney interference. Read more about Hit and Run Law: Virginia Hit and Run Laws, Penalties and Defenses for Charges in Alexandria, Fairfax, Arlington. Read more about Attorney Representation here: […]