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Carrying Concealed Weapon into Airport in Arlington VA

CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY CASE RESULT IN ARLINGTON VIRGINIA: Not Guilty plea to a Class 1 Misdemeanor charge for Carrying a Weapon into the DCA Ronald Reagan Airport under VA Code 18.2-287.01 (a concealed carry permit firearm that was forgotten in luggage) resulted in a fine and surrender of weapon, no other penalties. Carrying a Firearm […]

Carrying Weapon in Airport Misdemeanor Trial Results in NO JAIL in Arlington Virginia

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA: Trial for a class 1 misdemeanor offense of carrying a weapon in air carrier airport terminal under VA Code 18.2-287.01, in which our client was accused of bringing a loaded handgun into the DCA airport, resulted in no active jail time, a $250 fine and surrender of the weapon. Read more about Weapons […]