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Obtaining Drugs or Marijuana by Fraud, Deceit or Forgery – Virginia Law

Is it illegal to forge a marijuana or drug prescription? Yes. Virginia Code 18.2-258.1 criminalizes obtaining or procuring the administration of controlled substances by fraud, lying or forgery. This means that individuals who forge prescriptions for marijuana or increase the dose that is prescribed are committing a class 6 felony. Related crimes include prescription pad […]

Obtaining Prescription Drugs by Fraud / Forgery in Fairfax Virginia – Felony DISMISSED

Fairfax County, Virginia Criminal Defense Attorney Case Result Class 6 felony charge of Obtaining Prescription Drugs by Fraud or Forgery, VA Law 18.2-258.1, was DISMISSED after an agreement to REDUCE the felony to a misdemeanor Possession of Schedule III Narcotic under VA Law 18.2-250. Read more about Virginia Drug & Marijuana Law here: Virginia Marijuana & […]