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Arlington Virginia – 4 Felony Public Records Forgery Charges Result in MINIMUM Guidelines Sentence

ARLINGTON VIRGINIA: 4 Counts of Class 4 Felony Public Records Forgery Charges (VA Code 18.2-168) with a Sentencing Guidelines range of 8 months through 19 months, with a midpoint of 14 months, resulted in an active sentence of only 8 months to serve, with probation thereafter. A related Grand Larceny Felony Charge (VA Code 18.2-95) […]

Fraud and Forgery Felony Charges REDUCED to Misdemeanor Offenses in Fairfax Virginia

FAIRFAX VIRGINIA: Two felony fraud / forgery charges (VA Code 46.2-105.2, a class 6 felony, and VA Code 18.2-168, a class 4 felony) related to fraudulently obtaining documents from the DMV and forgery of public records, were both REDUCED to class 2 misdemeanors with consecutive jail sentences. Read more about Fraud and Forgery Law here: […]