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Virginia Firearm & Weapon Charges and Hunting Laws: Defense Lawyer’s Explanation of Brandishing, Reckless Handling of a Firearm, and Hunting Offenses

Virginia Firearms Offenses Penalty Table Description of Offense Code Section Criminal Classification Maximum Imprisonment Maximum Fine Brandishing firearm Va. Code 18.2-282 Class 1 Misdemeanor 12 Months $2,500.00 Fine Brandishing near School Va. Code 18.2-282 Class 6 Felony 5 Years $2,500.00 Fine Reckless handling of firearm Va. Code 18.2-56.1 Class 1 Misdemeanor 12 Months $2,500.00 Fine […]

Virginia Assault and Battery Laws and Penalties – Defense Attorney’s Explanation of Misdemeanor Charges Under VA Code 18.2-57

VIRGINIA ASSAULT & BATTERY: LAW & PENALTIES What is assault law in Virginia? Assault and Battery, or Simple Assault, is class 1 Misdemeanor criminal charge under VA Law 18.2-57. Assault and Battery are punished by a maximum jail sentence of 1 year, a maximum fine of $2,500.00, and full restitution to the victim. First offense […]