ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA ATTORNEY RESULT: Client had prior DUI in another state, along with 7 other criminal convictions, received 4 new charges in Alexandria. DUI Drunk Driving charge (VA Code 18.2-266) with a BAC of .22 resulted in conviction for a regular first offense DWI charge with no penalty enhancement, nor language as to the BAC in the conviction – with just 15 days to serve and the standard first offender treatment. Reckless driving by Speed (VA Code 46.2-862) was reduced to Speeding 19 PMH over with a $75 fine. Obstruction of Justice by Threatening Law Enforcement Officer (Va Code 18.2-460) was DROPPED even though Client repeatedly threatened to kill the police officer who arrested him. Refusal to submit to breath / blood test (Va Code 18.2-268.3) charge was also DROPPED.

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