Ms. Medvin does not publicly comment on active criminal cases, in observation of the Rules of Court. You can review media articles about Ms. Medvin’s Capitol cases. We do not endorse or agree with everything written in these media articles. These links are being provided to you only as a courtesy as to what is publicly available about Ms. Medvin’s cases.

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January 6 Capitol Cases in Washington DC


Ex-DEA Agent Accused of Illegally Toting Service Weapon During U.S. Capitol Riot Wins Dismissal of Count of Lying to the FBI

Case Result: January 6 Capitol Protester Jenny Cudd

Texas Florist Who Admitted to Being in Pelosi’s Office Wants Case Moved from D.C. Because of ‘Cancel Culture’

‘Irredeemably Insulting’: Indicted Proud Boy Asks Judge to ‘Sever’ Case from Co-Defendants Because of Their Lawyer’s ‘Highly Inappropriate and Prejudicial Statements’

January 6 Prosecution of Mark Ibrahim, Off Duty DEA Agent

Christopher Kuehne January 6 Case Explained

January 6 Capitol Protester Father and Son Sentenced to 9 Months of Probation

Lawyer’s ‘Derogatory ’ Comments To TPM Make Fair Trial Impossible! Jan. 6 Defendant Tells Judge

Case Result: January 6 Capitol Protester Jenny Cudd

Case Result: January 6 Capitol Protest – The Rabbi

January 6 Capitol Prosecution Case Dismissed

“Jan. 6 Capitol defendant wants trial moved to west Texas, calls D.C. too anti-Trump, politically correct”

“Prosecutors seek a slowdown in Capitol attack cases, calling probe the ‘most complex’ in history”

“Proud Boy charged in Capitol riot asks judge to sever his case from his co-defendants after their lawyer called MAGA mob ‘f***ing retarded'”

“Capitol riot defendant from St. Augustine fights bid for limits on use of trial evidence”

“Video of U.S. Capitol riot ‘contradicts public narrative,’ says St. Augustine man’s lawyer”

“Alleged Capitol Rioters Are Telling Judges They Shouldn’t Be Tried In DC Because Of “Cancel Culture””

“Marine Major Pleads Not Guilty to 9 Charges in DC Capitol Riot, Gets Released By Court”

“Marine stationed at Quantico pleads not guilty to Capitol riot charges”

“Prosecutors Expect To Start Offering Plea Deals To Alleged Capitol Rioters In The Next 30 Days”

“Why service members charged in the Capitol riot are staying in uniform — for now”

“The Jan. 6 Video Cover-Up”

“Judge Says Florist Charged in Capitol Riot May Travel to Mexico”

“How the Capitol Riot Suspects Are Challenging the Charges”

“Trump-blaming, Foxitis and cancel culture: How Capitol rioters’ attorneys are defending their clients in court and in the media”

“Video From Capitol Breach ‘Contradicts Public Narrative,’ Must Be Released, Lawyer Argues”

“Capitol Riot Defendant Jenny Cudd Wants Trial Moved to Texas”

“Midland Woman Claims She Can’t Get a Fair Trial in Washington D.C.”

“The Capitol Cover Up”




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