FAIRFAX, VA: Grand larceny (two counts of Va Law 18.2-95), possession of stolen property with intent to sell (VA Law 18.2-108.01), and possession of burglarious tools (VA Law 18.2-94) – all Felony charges DISMISSED. Client walked away with a single misdemeanor petit larceny charge (VA Law 18.2-96) and a fine. No jail time, no probation, eligible for US citizenship.

Felony Grand Larceny, a first offense shoplifting charge under VA Code 18.2-95, for taking merchandise from a high end a department store in Fairfax County, was REDUCED and AMENDED to Trespass. No JAIL TIME. Immigration law interest of client preserved.

Fairfax County General District Court: 4110 Chain Bridge Road, Fairfax, Virginia 22030.

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