Northern Virginia Charges DROPPED: Felony Conspiracy to Distribute Drugs + Reckless Driving 96 mph | Felony Marijuana Possession with Intent to Distribute REDUCED to Misdemeanor Possession

Result: Felony conspiracy was DROPPED, Misdemeanor reckless driving was DROPPED, and Felony selling/distribution was REDUCED to a Misdemeanor possession charge with NO ACTIVE JAIL TIME!

Client was facing 21 years in prison with 2 years at minimum as he was charged.
1) Class 5 Felony selling, distributing, possession with intent to distribute, over 1/2 ounce but not over 5 pounds of marijuana under VA Code 18.2-248
2) Class 5 Felony conspiracy to sell, distribute, possession with intent to distribute, over .5 oz but not over 5 pounds of marijuana
3) Class 1 Misdemeanor reckless driving by speed 96 in a 70 mph zone under VA Code 46.2-862 (almost eluding)

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