Defense attorney intervention in a police department and prosecutor’s office investigation into allegations of Felony Embezzlement by Officer of Public Funds in Alexandria, under VA Law 18.2-112 resulted in NON-INDICTMENT. Client was saved from public humiliation and the legal costs of being criminally charged and having to fight for his innocence in Court.

§ 18.2-112. Embezzlement by officers, etc., of public or other funds; default in paying over funds evidence of guilt.
If any officer, agent or employee of the Commonwealth or of any city, town, county, or any other political subdivision, or the deputy of any such officer having custody of public funds, or other funds coming into his custody under his official capacity, knowingly misuse or misappropriate the same or knowingly dispose thereof otherwise than in accordance with law, he shall be guilty of a Class 4 felony; and any default of such officer, agent, employee or deputy in paying over any such funds to the proper authorities when required by law to do so shall be deemed prima facie evidence of his guilt.

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