Eluding / Endangering Police


Federal DUI REDUCED to Reckless Driving, Eluding Charge DISMISSED

Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Case Result Alexandria, Va: Federal charges of Eluding, Speeding, and Refusal to Take Breath Test were dismissed. A federal DUI charge was reduced and amended to Reckless Driving. The client was sentenced to 5 hours of detention at the courthouse and a year of probation with 6 months restricted driver’s license. […]

Eluding Police Felony REDUCED to Misdemeanor, No Jail

  Arlington, VA Criminal Attorney Case Result Felony Eluding Police and endangering the officer under Va Law 46.2-817 in Arlington, Virginia, resulted in a reduction of the charge to a Misdemeanor, with no jail time. Punished only by a fine, license suspension for 2 months, and mental health treatment.   § 46.2-817. Disregarding signal by law-enforcement […]

Alexandria Charges for Obstruction of Justice, Eluding Disregarding Police, Others DROPPED, NO JAIL

ALEXANDRIA VIRGINIA CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY CASE RESULT: Charges: Eluding / Disregarding Police Signal to Stop, Obstruction of Justice, Improperly Stopping Vehicle on Highway, Fail to Obey Traffic Signal, Refusal to Submit to Breath Test Following DUI Arrest – ALL CHARGES DROPPED. Related DUI charge resulted in standard first offense treatment, and NO JAIL TIME. City […]

DWI 2nd Offense in 5 Years, BAC .15 REDUCED, Eluding Police DISMISSED

FAIRAX VIRGINIA DWI DEFENSE ATTORNEY RESULT: Client was driving in the opposite direction on I495, passing out of consciousness. Client did not stop vehicle for police signals. Second Offense DWI charge under Va Code 18.2-266 with a BAC level of .15, was AMENDED and REDUCED to a DWI Second offense without a BAC level. Related […]

Quantico Virginia Hit & Run, Reckless Driving, Eluding Police Charges DISMISSED, Related DUI with BAC .20 REDUCED and Results in 5 Days of Home Confinement

QUANTICO MARINE BASE – VIRGINIA ATTORNEY CASE RESULT: ALL CHARGES DISMISSED. Hit and Run, Reckless Driving, Eluding Police (disregarding signal by law-enforcement officer to stop) and related traffic offenses for running a red light and driving the wrong way on a one-way street – all DISMISSED. Related Quantico Marine Base DUI charge (second DWI charge […]

Eluding Police & DUI in Arlington Virginia BAC .18 Results in 5 Days in Jail

Arlington, Virginia: Eluding Police (Va Code 46.2-817) while driving drunk at a BAC level of .18 (VA Code 18.2-266) resulted in the minimum penalties for each offense, with just 5 days to serve.

Misdemeanor Eluding Police REDUCED to Improper Driving Citation in Falls Church, Virginia

FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA: Misdemeanor charge of disregarding signal by law-enforcement officer to stop / eluding police (VA Code 46.2-817) was REDUCED from a crime to a traffic infraction with a fine. § 46.2-817. Disregarding signal by law-enforcement officer to stop; eluding police; penalties. A. Any person who, having received a visible or audible signal from […]

4 Federal Charges DISMISSED: Fleeing to Elude Police, Resisting Arrest with plea to DWI in Alexandria Virginia

ALEXANDRIA VIRGINIA CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY CASE RESULT: United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia in Alexandria: 5 out of 6 Federal criminal charges were DISMISSED immediately, including Fleeing to Elude Police and Resisting Arrest with a plea to the drunk driving charge – 2nd DUI / DWI in 5 years. Instead of […]

Virginia: Felony Eluding and Reckless Driving while DUI – 6 Charges DROPPED

VIRGINIA CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY CASE RESULT: A repeat offender (with 12 prior felony and misdemeanor convictions) was charged with 8 total criminal offenses – felony endangerment / eluding police (VA Code 46.2-817), misdemeanor 2nd DUI in 5 years (VA Code 18.2-266), misdemeanor reckless driving (VA Code 46.2-852), misdemeanor driving on a suspended license after a […]