Felony charge for Obtaining Money by False Pretenses for White Collar criminal charges under VA Code 18.2-178 was DROPPED at the Preliminary Hearing for insufficient evidence.

City of Alexandria General District Court at 520 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314.

§ 18.2-178. Obtaining money or signature, etc., by false pretense..
A. If any person obtain, by any false pretense or token, from any person, with intent to defraud, money, a gift certificate or other property that may be the subject of larceny, he shall be deemed guilty of larceny thereof; or if he obtain, by any false pretense or token, with such intent, the signature of any person to a writing, the false making whereof would be forgery, he shall be guilty of a Class 4 felony.
B. Venue for the trial of any person charged with an offense under this section may be in the county or city in which (i) any act was performed in furtherance of the offense, or (ii) the person charged with the offense resided at the time of the offense.

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